Road to the World Cup: These are the Filipinas’ upcoming matches

After a two-week camp in California in preparation for the friendly match against New Zealand, the Philippine Women’s National Football team are off to Costa Rica to prepare for another pair of friendlies.

The Filipinas’ upcoming matches are against the same team. They will be playing against the Costa Rica Women’s National team, also known as La Sele.

Mark your calendars

The Filipinas will be traveling to Costa Rica for the next FIFA international window at the beginning of October. There, they will be training on their opponent’s home soil.

Their first match against La Sele will take place on October 7, 2022 at 9:00 AM Manila time, and their second match four days later, on October 11. The entire stay makes for an 11-day camp in Costa Rica.

Similarly, the Filipinas also spent two weeks in California preparing for their friendly match against New Zealand. Now, a few weeks after their loss, the team will certainly be looking to bounce back. Especially with two matches up ahead.

With this, the FIlipinas’ upcoming matches will be the perfect stage for their buildup towards next year’s FIFA World Cup.

Huge learning opportunity

Costa Rica is ranked 37th in the FIFA Women’s World Rankings, making them a relatively highly ranked team. The Philippines is currently in 53rd.

As one of the top 50 teams in the world, Costa Rica have qualified for the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup after winning their group stage matches at the CONCACAF Women’s tournament earlier this year.

But this isn’t Costa Rica’s first time to the World Cup. They also previously qualified for the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup, but didn’t make it past the group stage.

Nevertheless, playing against them will be a great opportunity for the Filipinas. As next year marks their maiden appearance to the World Cup, the Filipinas’ upcoming matches are perfect opportunities to learn, boost confidence, and of course, to win.

Costa Rica will be looking for the same opportunities as well.

Who will make the comeback?

In the recent CONCACAF Women’s Championship, Costa Rica made it to the semifinals, but fell to the hands of the US National Women’s team. And in their last two friendlies against Colombia, they lost both times.

The Filipinas will also be seeking redemption after their loss to New Zealand last September 7, where they lost towards the end of the second half.

With both teams looking to come back from losses, we’re sure to get two exciting matches this October 7 and 11. Stay tuned to The GAME for more match updates.