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3 bike accessories that will *totally* make you faster

Biking is a very technical sport. Choosing a bike alone is already a challenge. And after that, there are a lot of other pieces of bike accessories you may need to consider investing in.

But whether you’re getting into road biking, mountain biking, or you’re training for a triathlon, there are a ton of accessories out there that can make your ride experience better.

These are some of our favorite ones that we think will help you get stronger (and maybe score some style points on the way too).

Cycling shoes

While you don’t need to have them on for your first several rides, cycling shoes are one of the only accessories that actually make a huge difference.

Cycling shoes are designed specifically to connect your feet to your bike. They have cleats at the bottom that you can hook to your pedals, and their main goal is to improve your efficiency on the bike.

When you’re clipped into your pedals, you can pedal hard by pushing down and by pulling up. In doing so, you’ll be maxing out as much as you possibly can from every pedal stroke and engaging your leg muscles.

Plus, they also secure your feet to keep them from flying out—which, let’s admit it, doesn’t look all that impressive.


In case you didn’t know, cycling shades are in. Not only are people sporting them as bike accessories, but they are also a huge fashion trend right now.

The purpose of these is simple. For one thing, they help you keep harmful UV rays from your eyes. Secondly, they prevent glare and flying debris from obstructing your vision as you bike, keeping you safe. And if you buy good quality shades, like those with polarized lenses, they can even make your vision on the road even clearer.

Plus, they are very trendy. So why not embrace the whole cycling aesthetic and get yourself a pair?

Cycling computer

You can’t escape the digital world, not even on your weekend bike ride. But in this case, a digital cycling computer may actually be very useful for you as an athlete.

Bike or cycling computers are small screens you attach to your bike that can boast a whole array of features, depending on how advanced the model is. But typically, most computers help you track your speed, performance, distance, and can also help you plan routes.

When you become more aware of these aspects of each bike ride, you can track how much progress you’re making every time you clip in.

While it may make more sense to just use your smartphone to do all these things (which is totally viable, by the way), it’s a load off when you don’t need to worry about dropping your phone when you’re going at full speed.

Although these things aren’t necessary, they definitely will add a lot of value to your biking experience. Plus, you’re sure to look like a pro on the road.